Our Goal: 

College can cause stress on the mind and the body. Our goal is to help you learn to find balance and work toward overall wellness in every area of your life.  All appointments and communications are offered in a confidential and non-judgmental environment. 

What we do:

Counseling Services helps students manage temporary or ongoing challenges—which can range from homesickness or relationship problems, time or stress management, depression or anxiety, and a variety of other personal or academic-related concerns.  Licensed and trained counselors offer individual, couples, and group counseling sessions to all currently enrolled TC students at no cost, on a short-term basis.  We also provide consultations, wellness education, and assistance in finding off-campus resources as needed.
Health Services helps students maintain a healthy body and lifestyle. We treat minor illnesses and injuries, manage chronic health conditions, conduct lab testing and administer allergy injections, provide information about sexually transmitted infections and contraception, and administer seasonal vaccinations.  Personal care is provided by a full-time RN on campus and referrals are made to primary care physicians and specialists off-campus.

Telemental Health Counseling:

Telemental Health Counseling helps bring our students the most effective and efficient counseling experience. The Counseling and Mental Health Department has been certified in offering telehealth services. In an effort to assist students through these changing times of COVID-19 and by abiding social distance and health requirements, virtual counseling sessions are not being offered to those in need.