Library FAQs:

1. How many books may a student borrow?

The Library does not limit the number of books a student may borrow.  The loan period for books is two weeks, and the late fee for overdue books is $0.25 per day per book.

2. Does the Library have movies? 

Yes.  The Library also has several DVDs that are subject based. Please speak with a Savery Library Staff Member and they can assist you.

3. Can students check out reference books or magazines?

Reference books and magazines may not be checked out, but students may make copies. Savery Library follows all Copyright Laws. 

4. Does the Library have any popular fiction?

Yes, the Library does have a small section of popular fiction, but the overall collection focuses on academic materials.

5. Are cell phones allowed in the Library?

Cell phones are allowed, but all cell phones should be set to silent.  Texting in the Library is fine, but all calls should be made outside of the building.

6. Are students allowed to have food and drink in the Library?

Yes, students may have food and drinks in the Library, but must eat in the Reference Rooms or Study Rooms.  This policy is subject to change if students do not clean up their trash. At no time will food or drink be allowed in the Computer Lab.

7. Is the Library open during student breaks?

The Library is closed whenever the College is officially closed, please check with a member of the Savery Library Staff to ensure accurate closings.  

8. Does the Library have any study rooms?

The Library has a study room that may be reserved (with sufficient notice) and the Savery Library Staff is in the process of creating another study room.  

9. Are there computers in the Library?

Yes, the Library has 56 computers  in the computer lab, 2 Macs in the Lobby, and 5 computers in the Main Reference Room for student use.  Students are free to use Facebook and YouTube, but they will be asked to move if another student needs the computer for research purposes.  Headphones are required for listening to music or watching videos.

10. What if research leads the student to items at other libraries?

If the Library does not have a book a student needs, the student can arrange to borrow the book from another library using Interlibrary Loan. Please see the Forms Tab (under the Home tab) to download a Book Request Form or speak to a Savery Library Staff member.

11. Can students use the Library’s e-books, journals, or online content from home?

Yes, to gain remote access to e-books found in the Library’s catalog, you will need to login to your MyTalladega and access the item from the Online Catalog.  If you are a guest or do not have access to a MyTalladega account, please contact a Savery Library Staff Member and someone will assist you in accessing the information you require.

12. What is the Library of Congress classification?

The Library of Congress subject heading system of classification is a system used for categorizing books by subject.  Details of the system can be found by visiting “Library of Congress Classification Outline”  (courtesy of the Library of Congress).

Information on finding books on the shelves using the system can be found by visiting “From the Online Catalog to the Shelf” (courtesy of the University System of Georgia).