• Historical Collection Application to Publish or Reproduce

    Permission to publish, in circumstances where the Talladega College Historical Collection is qualified to grant it, requires completion, signature, and approval of this form. Until a fully executed copy of this form has been returned to the applicant, permission cannot be granted.


  • Historical Collection Deed of Gift

    Completion of this form assigns all rights (including, but not limited to, all applicable copyright, trademark, and related interests) in, to, and associated with donated materials to be used by the Collection at its unrestricted discretion.


  • Historical Collection Digitization Request Form

    This form is to be used strictly for reproduction of photographs, in either print or digital formats. Please read carefully, as prices vary based on size, format, and usage (private vs. commercial).



  • Historical Collection Photocopy Request Form

    This form is for both digital and print reproduction of records from the collections. All digital (scanned) documents will be treated as black and white for pricing purposes, while print prices vary according to whether they are black and white or color.


  • Historical Collection Research Request Form

    All manuscript, photocopy, and digitization requests should be accompanied by this form, as it is the master form for any research request and is referred to by the special collections librarian while completing requests.