The statement which follows sets forth the ethical obligations of individuals as Savery Library staff members.

  1. To maintain the principles of the ALA Library Bill of Rights and the Freedom to Read Statement.
  2. To maintain the principles of the Savery Library mission statement and unifying principles.
  3. To understand and execute the policies of the college and library, and to express in a positive manner any concern or objection with the policies, philosophy or programs of these institutions.
  4. To maintain an objective and open attitude of understanding, courtesy, and concern for the patrons' needs.
  5. To protect the essential confidential relationship which exists between a library user and the library.
  6. To serve all patrons equally according to their needs.
  7. To make the resources and services of the library known and easily accessible to all current and potential users.
  8. To avoid any possibility of personal financial gain at the expense of the employing institution.
  9. To be aware of the obligations of employment and of what constitutes abuse of working conditions and benefits.
  10. To acknowledge the importance of the work done by all staff in all divisions of the Library.
  11. To maintain a sense of loyalty, respect, and cooperation in our relationships with fellow staff members.
  12. To carry out assignments so that fellow staff members need not assume added responsibilities, except in times of emergency.
  13. To share knowledge, experience, and expertise with others.
  14. To use the resources of the library and college in an efficient and economical manner, consistent with the best service to the library user.
  15. To use care and discretion to distinguish between private actions and speech, and those actions and speech which are taken in the name of the institution. This policy should be interpreted as consistent with the rights of an individual to take part in public debate, and to engage in social or political activity.