Special Collections Policy

Savery Library’s Special Collections collects materials of enduring historical value in relation to Talladega College to advance the research, teaching, and instruction mission of Talladega College.

The following policies and procedures apply to all items offered for and acquired by donation to Savery Library Special Collections:

  • Prospective donors to Special Collections should consult Savery Library’s general policies on collections and gifts to familiarize themselves with Savery Library policies. Items offered for donation to Special Collections may be a better fit for the main collection. The final decision as to where items best belong rests with library administration.
  • Staff will evaluate items offered for donation based on their content and condition.
  • Prospective donors must submit an inventory or description of the items prior to their examination by Savery Library staff.
  • Prospective donors must identify copyright holders of the materials or show they have made a good faith search to identify them.
  • At the time of donation, donors who are not the copyright holders of collections which contain mostly copyrighted materials must provide a license from the copyright holder(s) granting permission to digitize donated materials to provide access online and to researchers.
  • At the time of donation, donors who are the copyright holders must convey the copyright or grant permission to Savery Library to digitize materials to provide access online and to researchers.
  • Releases are required from the performers of musical, dramatic, or other artistic productions and from interviewers and subjects of oral histories granting permission to provide access online and to researchers.
  • Donors of manuscripts, personal papers, rare books, maps, photographs or other graphic materials, and materials related to Talladega College should contact:

Caitlin Cox
College Librarian
Savery Library
Talladega College
627 Battle Street W
Talladega, Alabama 35160